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Renting a timeshare from another owner is a great alternative to booking hotel rooms. When you rent a timeshare, you will see significant discounts compared to resort, hotel, and travel agency pricing.
Also, most timeshare units offer more than your typical hotel rooms: multi-bedroom villas, kitchens, living rooms, private balconies and more.
It has come to our attention that there is a massive demand from customers who wish to rent extra holiday weeks at high quality property resorts. This demand has escalated due to the increasing amount of customers who wish to extend their stay from one week to two weeks holiday. Although it is often possible to pick up bonus weeks they often are unavailable or at a high Premium.
What makes Smart International Business a real state executive team? Each Smart International Business agent has a intimate knowledge of the ever-changing real estate market, for this reason, there´s not a day that goes without a coaching or master mind session in our training room.
With this in mind we decided to introduce our membership rental system. This is a simple way for owners to get paid a rental income for the weeks and time they can not use. So let’s say you own a week in may in a one bedroom resort in Aruba.
You simply call or email our office and we ensure that your ownership is available through our rental database and being marketed to find a suitable family to use your week. In return you get paid a rental income. This not only means someone else benefits from the use of your apartment but at the same time you also earn some extra money for something that may have gone unused.

You leave the administration of your rental to our customer services team who will sort out the entires process.
We get loads of enquiries each week with a costumer service team who will sort out the entire process. We get loads of enquiries each week with a costumer saying “I want to rent my membership” it is often the case that the customer wants to sample the resort and then come back and discuss a possible purchase. It is a great benefit to owners who are not using their ownership and for people who want to sample a rental at one of the many different resorts across the world.
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